Private Graffiti Workshop - Best Team Building Activity

Learn about the graffiti phenomenon from the early 60’s until now, along with the street culture in the Czech Republic. Together we will discuss creative ideas while you create your own large scale art piece on a graffiti wall. Let the other masterpieces spark your imagination! 

This fun team building/group activity will be under the guidance of professional graffiti artists, who will take you through every stage of making a memorable work of art. We will provide you with protective clothing and show you some tricks and techniques of 'spray-can control'. These techniques include the very basics of spraying a line, to the more complex tricks such as fillings, fades, shines, drop shadows and key-lines. You don’t have to be an artist - with us, anyone can do it!

Creative Teambuilding Activity

Get ready to unleash your creativity and express yourself like never before! In addition to creating your own graffiti masterpiece, you'll also have the opportunity to collaborate with your teammates and contribute to a collective art project. As you work together to bring your ideas to life on the graffiti wall, you'll strengthen bonds, foster teamwork, and create lasting memories. So, get ready to make your mark on Prague's vibrant street art scene and unleash your artistic potential with this exciting team building activity!

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