The Playground – Exceptional Tailored Events and Team Building Experiences

Located in Prague's historic downtown area, The Playground is recognized as Central Europe's largest and most unique family entertainment venue, spanning an impressive 4500m² area and offering 8 diverse attractions designed to captivate both adults and children.

The venue presents a variety of classic team-building activities, such as Lasergame and Arcade games. Visitors can step into the enchanting Papilonia House, a tropical paradise where over 500 butterflies gracefully flutter around. They can also enjoy a ride on the original Venetian carousel, navigate through the captivating Mirror Maze adorned with special light effects and immersive soundscapes, or immerse themselves in the unparalleled world of DIVR Labs' virtual reality, featuring three thrilling games spanning puzzles, historical adventures, and exciting encounters.

The location offers a perfect setting for events tailored for employees or clients, meticulously curated for intimate gatherings or grand affairs accommodating hundreds. These events seamlessly blend a selection of activities tailored to preferences, accompanied by delectable catering options and refreshments. Moreover, the indoor setting ensures that guests can enjoy the festivities regardless of the weather or season, with children welcomed to join in the fun.

The duration of events is entirely flexible, offering options that range from a brief 2-hour gathering to a half-day affair. Companies have the flexibility to craft an experience that suits their needs, inviting families to partake in a day filled with excitement across various stations customized to their desires.

Visitors are encouraged to challenge friends and colleagues, commemorate milestones, embrace the magic of Christmas, delight in Children's Day festivities, or design any other special event or celebration.

Step into the wonder of your childhood

Discover a harmonious blend of endless amusement and boundless creativity right in the heart of Prague's city center. Organize your next team building event in the heart of Prague and explore an array of unforgettable experiences, perfect for both gift-giving and indulging in incredible attractions.

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