Paintball - Teambuilding in Prague

What makes paintball in Prague a memorable experience? How authentic it is. This city’s history has resulted in many abandoned buildings… and those buildings make for a perfect team building paintball experience! There are many fields on the outskirts of Prague that include old warehouses, barns and other housing features to make your next paintball game the best one ever! Paintball team building is ideal for anyone looking for fun, adventure and adrenaline together. Test your quick-reaction skills, plan your strategy and get ready for some excitement! 

Paintball team building can be played both inside and outside. Of course, we recommend opting for an indoor field in the winter months… but we are happy to organise outdoor fields for more adventurous crowds! Outdoor paintball provides a great combination of wild nature and interesting, natural obstacles to help competitors truly get into the game. Guests are divided into teams, provided full-body, safe uniforms (including helmets), and provided with gas-powered paintball gun.

Groups can choose from two options:

  1. Defending a fortress against an attacking team. 
  2. All teams fight against each other. In this case, all bullets that hit you are counted as negative points. Each team is provided with uniforms of the same colour with matching bullets. The team with the fewest hits (a.k.a. the least opposing team’s colour on their uniform!) wins. Paint ball is suitable for groups of 8+. Duration is only limited by your physical abilities, but 1.5-3 hours is a good recommended time. 

Whether you play paintball in Prague or elsewhere, tons of fun and adventure are guaranteed!

Strategic Teambuilding Game

Paintball is not merely a game; it's a test of teamwork, strategy, and communication. In the heat of battle, players must rely on each other's strengths, anticipate their opponents' moves, and work together seamlessly to achieve victory. Communication skills are paramount, as team members must effectively convey their plans, coordinate their movements, and provide cover for each other. Strategic thinking is also essential, as players must devise tactics to outmaneuver their opponents, seize control of key positions, and secure victory objectives. Additionally, adaptability is crucial, as teams must quickly adjust their strategies in response to changing battlefield conditions and unexpected challenges. In the end, success in paintball hinges not only on individual skill but also on the ability of teammates to collaborate effectively and leverage their collective strengths to overcome adversity.

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