Funtivities - Fun Team Building Activities

As the name suggests, Funtivities are custom-made fun activities developed by our professional team building experts for groups of 20+. Funtivities are developed primarily for indoor venues, but adapt to incorporate some outdoor experiences during summer months - perfect for rain or shine! Some of our most popular games/challenges include an indoor/outdoor graffiti competition, a lockbox puzzle challenge, hotshots hockey, pie face, a gaga game, and many others. 

Guests are welcomed to the Funtivities venue with refreshments and their first challenge of finding their teammates. Each guest will get a piece of a puzzle and must find other members of his/her team by finding puzzle with same graphic design. A complete puzzle will reveal the team’s name. 

Once teams are formed, a short introduction to Funtivities will take place. There are several Funtivities scattered throughout the venue, with each challenge lasting 30-40 minutes. Teams will rotate through all Funtivities within the time given, and collect points for their success at each Funtivity station. 

Our professional team leaders will count scores at the end of each challenge. Winners are announced, and prizes are given to the highest scoring teams. The games will last approximately 2-4 hours, depending on the number of Funtivities included. The entire event can be customised to reflect your corporate message.

Tailored Team Building

In addition to our wide array of Funtivities, we offer customizable options to tailor the event to your specific corporate message or team goals. Whether you're looking to reinforce company values, foster collaboration, or simply provide a fun and memorable experience for your team, we can incorporate themes, challenges, and messaging that align with your objectives. Our experienced team leaders will ensure that the event runs smoothly from start to finish, leaving your team energized, motivated, and united. Get ready to embark on an unforgettable team building journey with Prague Events in Prague!

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