Product Launch

Whether you are hosting a product launch event for internal staff members, consumers, media or influencers, it is important to consider the key components for a successful event that creates hype, excitement and certainly sales. The more prepared you are logistically and creatively, the more likely you are to capture people’s attention. We will work hand in hand with your to select the right date and timing of your event. Location is key to getting guests to attend your launch. With the great database of venues, we will help you to find and book the best venue that meets your needs – from historical castles to the latest trendy venues that Prague and Czech Republic offer. Yes, the product launch needs to focus on your product but and impressive venue will definitely add to the WOW factor. Selecting a decent theme for the launch that emphasize on the product, together with entertainment that does not distract from why your guests are there, is usually a Cherry on the top for our creative team. The interactive elements are usualy well appreciated by the guests and help remember the event hence the product.

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